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WinBatch 2017A

WinBatch 2017A | 14.6 MB
WinBatch is the Windows desktop automation solution - take nearly anything your computer can do, and assign it to a simple menu selection, command or hotkey. We've put the power of a complete programming language at your fingertips, so you can create simple, useful applications - like a utility that prints files overnight - but we've made it easy enough for quick-and-dirty, everyday solutions, like typing "Sincerely, Mary Smith" whenever you hit a hotkey. And with our WinBatch+Compiler, you can compile your applications into .EXE files and distribute them to anyone you want, royalty-free.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:39;  

STAAD Foundation Advanced Connect Edition

STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition | 279.9 mb
Bentley Systems Inc., the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has released the version of STAAD Foundation Advanced CONNECT Edition, a software package for the analysis and design of a variety of foundations.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:37;  

SoftInterface Convert XLS 11.20

SoftInterface Convert XLS 11.20 Multilingual | 6.3 MB
Convert XLS is a simple to use, yet sophisticated file conversion utility specifically designed for MS Excel, text, html/xml and comma (or any other character) delimited (CSV) files. If you need to convert one or thousands of files, located in one or many different folders, into a variety of different file types this is the tool.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:35;  

NiceLabel Pro 6.5 Build 12500 Multilingual

NiceLabel Pro 6.5 Build 12500 Multilingual | 121.1 MB
NiceLabel Designer Pro offers all the layout and data features you need for high quality label design and error-free EasyForms printing. Logging of print data and password access control provides you with security and a full audit trail of all labels printed.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:32;  

NCH DreamPlan Plus 2.0 Beta

NCH DreamPlan Plus 2.0 Beta | 4.8 Mb

Visualize and plan your dream home with a realistic 3D home model.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:30;  

Lucion FileConvert Professional Plus

Lucion FileConvert Professional Plus | 106.7 MB
FileConvert automates PDF conversion and OCR for scans, faxes, and other image files. Ideal for the paperless office, it will bulk-convert folders of old files, or watch a network scanner for new files. It's hands-free software that you can put to work and forget about. FileConvert is batch PDF conversion software for turning existing files, like scans, faxes, and Word documents into searchable PDF. It will watch for new scans from a network scanner or crawl for files to convert.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:27;  

Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro 5.2.1 with Plugins (Win/Mac/Linux)

Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro 5.2.1 with Plugins (Win/Mac/Lnx) | 575 MB (Total)
The newest version of mocha Pro, award-winning planar tracking and visual effects software. Key new features include: GPU accelerated tracking, new plug-in options (for Adobe, Avid and OFX), new export formats and much more.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:25;  


Icons8 | 39.3 MB
Find the icons you need and add them into any graphics design project (Photoshop, Axure, Visual Studio etc.) thanks to this application, which bundles a generous icon collection and searching capabilities.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:22;  

Icecream PDF Converter Pro 2.69 Multilingual

Icecream PDF Converter Pro 2.69 Multilingual | 131 Mb
Icecream PDF Converter is a powerful tool for converting many file types to PDFs, or converting PDFs to individual images. The process starts by choosing a conversion type ("From PDF" or "To PDF"), then dragging and dropping your target files onto the program.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:20;  

Glitchmachines Plugins Bundle (Win/Mac)

Glitchmachines Plugins Bundle WiN / OSX | 2.51 Gb / 2.54 Gb
Cataract is a Segment Multiplexer plugin geared toward electronic music production and experimental sound design. Cataract features an arsenal of sample scanners with integrated modulation sequencers and morphing functions. This makes it possible to construct architecturally complex patterns ranging from nuanced percussive articulations to intricate particle sound effects and all out generative hyper glitch chaos.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:17;  

GlitchMachines Fracture XT v1.0 (Win/Mac)

GlitchMachines Fracture XT v1.0 WiN OSX | 14 Mb
Fracture XT is a patchable glitch processor designed to facilitate the creation of mind-bending malfunctions, contorted articulations and evolving digital textures. FXT is based on our free & critically acclaimed Fracture plugin, and builds on its strengths with the addition of a new granular processor as well as improved buffer, delay and multi-mode filter algorithms.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:15;  

gBurner 4.3 Multilingual

gBurner 4.3 Multilingual | 4.7 Mb
gBurner is a powerful and easy-to-use CD/DVD burning tool, which allows you to create and burn data/audio CDs and DVDs, make bootable data CDs and DVDs, create multisession discs. Moreover, this software can be used as a disc image file processing tool, therefore it will allow you to create, extract, open, edit, convert or burn ISO/BIN image files.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:12;  

Flying Logic Pro 3.0.6 (Win/Mac)

Flying Logic Pro 3.0.6 (Win/Mac) | 227.3/112.1 MB
Flying Logic Pro is a highly visual, easy-to-use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:10;  

Flip PDF Corporate Edition Multilingual

Flip PDF Corporate Edition Multilingual | 178 Mb
Flip PDF Corporate Edition is Windows software which helps to convert PDF to digital page flipping publication with multiple powerful features. The Corporate Edition version contains all of the great features in Flip PDF Professional and Flip Shopping Catalog.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:07;  

DeskCalc Pro 8.1.10

DeskCalc Pro 8.1.10 | 6.0 MB
DeskCalc is a feature rich "paper tape calculator" with all of the functions you expect from a mechanical adding machine plus capabilities associated with a Windows environment. Features include: a check-strip with ergonomic text input options; data correction features (update, add and delete values); built-in formula interpreter; sales tax functions; memory function; percentage calculations; currency-conversion; floating point & fixed point calculations, thousands separators; fast correction key; display of the results in task strip and window title line; printing with heading and date/time; and export to Excel.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:05;  

CoolUtils PDF Combine 5.1.94 Multilingual

CoolUtils PDF Combine 5.1.94 Multilingual | 13.2 Mb
PDF Combine is a truly reliable tool to easily combine many PDF files into one. Do you need a utility that could combine several PDF files to one PDF? PDF Combine can easily merge PDF files. Are you looking for a program that could be easy-to-use and have enough options to satisfy your requirements? PDF Combine is the most efficient and handy program available in the market. Besides you will be glad to know its price.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:03;  

BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC 25.1

BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC 25.1 | 62.6 MB
BCGControlBar ("Business Components Gallery ControlBar") is an MFC extension library that allows you to create Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visual Studio-like applications with full customization options (Ribbons, Customizable Toolbars, Menus and more) and a rich set of professionally-designed GUI controls such as Chart, Calendar, Grid, Editor, Gantt and many others. BCGControlBar library has more than 500 thoroughly designed, tested and fully documented MFC extension classes. Our components can be easily incorporated into your application and save you hundreds of development and debugging hours.

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 23:00;  

Any DWG DXF Converter 2017

Any DWG DXF Converter 2017 | 6.3 Mb
Any DWG DXF Converter is batch DWG and DXF bi-directional converter and file version converter, it allows you to convert DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG without the need of AutoCAD. (New - 2017 support)

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 22:58;  

Advanced Encryption Package 2017 Professional 6.06

Advanced Encryption Package 2017 Professional 6.06 Multilingual | 10.5 MB
Encryption Software - File encryption, Secure File Transfer, Batch File Encryption and Encrypted Backups - Advanced Encryption Package 2017 Professional - award-winning easy-to-use file encryption software for Windows(r).

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  • Date: 13-01-2017, 22:55;  

TunesKit Apple Music Converter 1.2.6 (Mac OSX)

TunesKit Apple Music Converter 1.2.6 | MacOSX | 4.7 MB
TunesKit Apple Music Converter is a DRM-removal solution for Apple Music, allowing you to unlock DRM encryption from Apple Music songs and convert the protected Apple Music streams from M4P to unprotected MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, or M4B with ID tags preserved. It converts Apple Music files at 30X super-fast speed without any extra hardware or virtual CD driver.

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