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OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 11 ( Win x64

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OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 11 ( Win x64

OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 11 | 7.5 Gb
Product:OpenPlan Modeler
Version:CONNECT Edition Update 11 (
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows *
Size:7.5 Gb
The OpenPlant development team is pleased to announce the availability of Modeler CONNECT Edition Update Update 11 ( is a 3D CAD plant modeling software which uses ISO 15926 as an intrinsic data model as specified by the iRING user community.

New and Changed in OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 11 (
The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the current OpenPlant Modeler release.

iTwin Attach Reference Workflows
Attach iTwin as Reference Dialog has been revamped to add new functionalities and enhance user experience. New Settings are Added in Attach iModel as Reference dialog after attaching an iModel.

Select a Model from the list of models available for the attached iModel

OpenPlant Modeler components pushed to iTwin, can be attached and detached based on Plant Break Down Structure and Volumes.

New Water / Wastewater Components

MegaLug Flange Adapter 2100 series
- MegaLug Flange Adapter 2100 series has been added to allow the connection between pipe and flange end components.
- New EBAA catalog has been added to incorporate MegaLug Series 2100 Restrained Flange Adapter.
. Imperial, Example: 3in to 48in

Suction Bell Mouth
- Non-Standard Catalog has been updated for Suction Bell Mouth.
. Metric, mExample :150mm to 400mm

Level Invert Tee
- Non-Standard Catalog has been Updated for Level Invert Tee.
. Imperial, Example: 6in to 14in
. Metric, mExample: 150mm to 350mm
. Mixed Metric, mmExample: 6in to 14in

- Victaulic catalogs updated for GROOVED QUICKVIC FITTINGS and Couplings.

Modeling Updates

Stub-On and Stub-In Branch Connections
- Functionality has been added to allow penetration of Stub-In connections on Header pipe until the thickness of Header pipe.

- Lateral Stub-In and Stub-On branch Connections now maintain their penetration inside Header pipe.
- A check has been added to prompt warning to the user in case an invalid Stub-In connection between same size Header and Branch.

Advance Tap Port
- By using the Advance Tap port tool, taps can be placed on sides of elbows, Bends, Mitered Bends, Tees, Valves and Pipes.

Saddle Olet Updates:
- Following parameters of Saddle Olet can be changed dynamically while placement and through Modify Component dialog :
. Length, Thickness and Width of Saddle Olet Plate
. Width of Saddle Olet plate by using Offset
. Length of Saddle Olet

Pipe Insulation Saddle Support Updates:
- Rotation Handler of Pipe Insulation Saddle is now moved to the center for ease of rotation for better control. Also following parameters can be changed dynamically now while placement and through Modify Component dialog :
. Saddle Length
. Saddle Width
. Saddle Thickness

Notes Placement on Sloped Pipes:
- Placement functionality has been improved to allow placement of Notes at correction location on sloped pipelines.

Standard Preferences Updates
- Standard Preferences now retains the selection of Auto Branch, Auto Flange, Auto Elbow and Show Spec Grid buttons across dgn's of a Workset.

Place Cell Via Key-in Command
- Functionality has been added to provide additional argument for Place Cell Via Key-in command to pick desired cell from the cell file.
- Reducing Slip on Flange and Reducing Threaded Flange graphics updates.
- Insulation Graphics have been updated to remove extra centerline coming from Insulation in order to generate proper drawings.

AutoFitting Updates

Place Mitered Bend via Autofitting
Autofitting functionality has been improved to place Mitered bend as an autofitting during pipe routing. Mitered Bend option has been added in Place Component > Autofitting Tab. Upon selecting the Mitered Bend option you should be able to see different Mitered Bend dimension options e.g. Bend Point Radius, Miter Cuts etc. necessary to draw the Mitered Bend. Also similar to Pipe Bends, you will be able to place Mitered Bend at any angle while auto routing.

Switch Pipe Ports while Auto Routing of Pipes
It's a common scenario that Pipe or Elbow may have different end conditions and you may need to switch the Pipe ports for valid connection while Auto Routing. Now by pressingkey from keyboard, Pipe Ports can be switched and valid connections can be created between pipe and elbows.
OR you can switch the pipe ports from MAIN_PORT to RUN_PORT or vice versa from the Place Component dialog's Options tab while placing pipe.

Manipulation Updates

- Move Component option in Ribbon can now snap the MicroStation Elements while moving OpenPlant Modeler components.
- Rotate Manipulation of a valve by using drag and rotate has been improved so that handler moves and rotates the Top Work along with valve.
- Changing Branch Angle also updates the graphics of Pipe Wye.

Pipeline Manager Update

Reload Pipeline Manager
Reload Pipeline Manager button has been added to fetch the latest changes in dgn without closing and relaunching Pipeline Manager. Pipeline selection will remain intact after Reload operation.

Update Fasteners Relationship After Move Joint Operation
It's a common scenario to move Joints from one pipeline to adjacent pipeline. Move Joint functionality has been improved, so that fasteners now update their relationships after Move Joint Operation with both existing and new Iso-Sheets and also correct relationship info is shown in Element Info, Explorer and BOM of Isometric Drawing.

Retain Sorting in Pipeline Manager
Pipeline Manager now retains the sorting on column after relaunching the pipeline Manager or even after closing and reloading the dgn.

Supports Updates

New Handler for Hangers
New Handler has been implemented to change the length of Rod for Hanger supports. Also functionality has been added so that Hanger supports maintain their position and orientation after applying slope on pipes.

Placement of Supports on Sloped Pipes
- Placement of Supports on sloped pipes is now customizable to keep their orientation vertical or sloped according to the slope of pipe.
- A new custom attribute IGNORE_PIPE_SLOPE_ON_SUPPORT can be added on support class and set to true, if you need to keep the support vertical on sloped pipes. For default settings:
. Anchors, Guides, Support Locators will orient along with the slope of Pipe.
. Hangers, Shoe Supports, Base Supports, Elbow Supports will remain vertical on sloped Pipes.

OpenPlant CONNECT Editionis the first product in Bentley's multi-discipline plant design solution to utilize iModelHub, Bentley's cloud service that tracks all changes made to project designs and notifies users about the changes. iModelHub allows you to synchronize to and from particular timeline milestones and visualize, summarize, analyze, and interpret the impact of ongoing changes.
OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition,the first 3D plant modeling software based on ISO 15926, is an accurate, rapid, design engineering solution for 3D plant design. It enhances project teams with mobile information, i-models, and support for multiple formats and data types, such as DGN, DWG, JT, point clouds, and PDF, to provide flexible design and review processes. It is both more versatile and productive than any existing "3-D piping" application. The OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition includes SELECT CONNECTservices, new Azure-based services that provide comprehensive learning, mobility, and collaboration benefits to every Bentley application subscriber Optional Pre-requisite: Structural Synchronizer is required for ISM data interchange workflows only.

Bentley OpenPlant Product Overview

Bentley Systemsis a software development company that supports the professional needs of those responsible for creating and managing the world's infrastructure.

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